Corporate Finance

Banking Relationships

Do you think your business could grow and expand if it had some extra cash?  Even though lending practices have contracted with the recent economy, banks are still lending.  They are just lending with the need for greater confidence in the borrower.   Banks have more trust and are willing to work with a client if they are able to represent themselves in a clear, precise,  and intelligent manner.  We can draft the documents that represent this.  Some of the documents we can deliver are business models, balance sheets, profit and loss statements, costing models, cash-flow forecasts, and budgets.


Cash Flow Planning and Capital Management

As simple as it seems, the process of monitoring and analyzing cash perplexes many companies.  The management of working capital is probably the most important financial activity a small or mid-sized business can focus on since it affects almost every area of the company.  Poorly managed working capital can lead to the inability to pay bills on time, meet the needs of payroll, or fund operations.  In order to effectively manage cash, you need accurate and up to date accounting records and a good sense of future cash outflows and inflows. 

Some of the tools we use to help manage cash are:

  • Budgets, including sources and uses details
  • Historical analysis
  • 3, 6, or 12 month cash flow forecast
  • Actual vs. Budget reports

Expense Management

In the current economy, most companies’ profits are constrained by low demand and customers in search of additional value.  This leaves companies wanting to decrease costs in order to help increase profits without losing quality or capacity, or creating any potential long-term effects.

The best way to approach cost reduction is to identify and understand the what and why of expenses; then determine if they can be reduced or eliminated without deteriorating required quantity and quality.