Fraud Examination & Prevention

Fraud is a very costly problem in our society today and is increasing at an alarming rate with the weak economy. The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners conducted a poll in 2008 about perpetrating fraud. The results were frightening. It concluded that 20 percent of people will not commit fraud no matter what, 20 percent of people are always looking for a chance to steal or commit fraud and 60 percent of people will steal or commit fraud if they think they can get away with it. This means that if you employ five people, one of them is currently stealing from you or looking to steal from you.

Fraud examinations can be conducted to determine if fraud has occurred; or they can be performed when fraud has already been detected and the company needs to quantify how much was misappropriated and how it was carried out.

Litigations Support

We can serve as consultants to help you through the litigation process.   Our skills and experience can assist in analysis, quantifying damages, preparing reports, determining lost profits, and impairments.