The Difference

Affordable Pricing

Our fixed fee or hourly rate pricing is significantly less than employing a full-time or part-time employee.  In a fixed fee arrangement, our monthly fee remains constant regardless of how much time it takes us to meet your company’s requirements.  A fixed fee generally works best with clients who have monthly revenue and expenses that remain stable and a consistent number of monthly transactions.


Most of our engagements start within one week of contact.  Our policy is to ensure that we return your calls and answer your emails within 24 hours.

Collaborative Approach

Our number one goal is to see your company succeed.  We’re not a company that defines our success by our revenues, but rather the success of our clients resulting from our relationship.  We feel that if our clients are prosperous, in turn we will be too.


Often times an employee will give an answer that the boss wants to hear and a CPA firm will give the answer that preserves their independence.  Not being an employee and not having to maintain the independence a CPA firm needs to, gives us an advantageous balance of objectiveness.


The JDH Consulting Group does not share your company’s information with other clients.